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Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring? – Get What You Pay For

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Here is a tip for you to find out the ring size of your girl without asking her about it. The best way is to try getting aye of her ring while you visit her home or ever better to ask your mom-in-law to get her ring and inform her about your surprise. Surely your mom-in-law would be more than happy to maintain this secret until the time you break it with a surprise. Or you can ask for her ring while you are talking casually and wear it in your fingers to see the size- this will surely give an idea of her size. What next? Go to a good jewel shop and start selecting the best custom made designer engagement ring for her.

Just bear in mind that when choosing an engagement ring, you need to know your woman’s personality and ring size. There’s a lot of ring styles to choose for. The beauty of a ring depends on the stones used, the cut, size, color and metal bands used. Most important is the budget. The prices varies on the ring settings. If you don’t limit your budget, it’s a great choice to have a wedding ring alternatives. A lot of gemstones are used for center stones of rings. The second class gemstones include sapphires, rubies, emerald and topaz. If you don’t feel like choosing, you can create your own ring with your own style and settings. You can either choose to used other gemstones like agate, garnet, aquamarine, and pearl which is considered as timeless and classic.

There is a wide range of diamond engagement rings in the market today. The various designs are pleasing to the eye due to their alluring designs. The elegant and flawless dazzling rings give you the exquisite look as well as show your feminine and more girly side. Some of these designs blend beautifully with a woman’s persona and it seems that they have been drafted keeping a particular person in mind. Available in many different styles and patterns, these rings can be cheap if the size of the diamond is not too large. Purchasing cheap engagement rings is no longer a dream. Because of the competition in the global jewelry market, such rings are available and can be bought by people who could not afford this piece of jewelry earlier.

Most cushion cut engagement rings are not available in all leading store. If you want to have this kind of engagement ring, have it made to order for your own choice and design. To be sure you will be satisfied with it. Just be sure that the craftsmanship is well done and you can choose what metal to be used silver, gold, platinum or two-tone (combination of silver and gold) in the setting.

A diamond is graded on four criterias, commonly called the 4 C’s, used worldwide to tell the quality of diamonds. Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat (weight). There is a range for all of these characteristics and we would all want them to be perfect, except for the Carat weight, which defines the size of the diamond. If this is not really something you understand, keep in mind that what you expect from a diamond is its ability to returns the most light that enters into it. That said, the better it is graded, the more brilliant and sparkling it is.

Buy a custom made ring: As mentioned in the previous pointer, there are numerous ring options on the market under a number of categories. To make your task easier, propose with a fake ring and go shopping with your fiance to get a custom piece made in accordance with her taste. In face, getting engagement rings design of your own choice is something that excites most women on this planet. Also, the entire experience of choosing the ring type, material, design et al makes the whole engagement thing totally romantic. So, instead of racking your brains to get a readymade ring, go shopping for a custom-made entity.